Weekly Update - October 24, 2014

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Preview for movie "Texas Promise"

"When Texas cut $5.4 billion from public schools, affecting 5 million students, Texans protested and districts sued the state and won. The Texas Promise is the gripping story of equity, politics, money, and our children as Texas and the nation make historic decisions about opportunity, the economy, and our democracy. "
"From Oscar winner Vanessa Roth, comes The Texas Promise. At a time when the direction of public education is center stage nationwide, the Texas legislature cut $5.4 billion from public schools, affecting 5 million students making Texas 49th in the country in per pupil spending. The Texas Promise witnesses the consequences of those cuts by going inside the 2013 Texas legislative session, the historic trial that questions the adequacy and equity in education funding, and delves into the lives and voices of the communities, districts, schools, teachers and families that are affected by these policy decisions. Through this collage of voices and experiences, The Texas Promise reaches into the core of the historic education decisions being made about opportunity, the economy, and our democracy."


Results of PLX Survey

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2014 Candidates Endorsed by AFT, CBLC, and the AFL-CIO

Click here to see a list of the candidates endorsed by the AFT and CBLC and AFL-CIO.  Early voting is October 20-31. You can even vote early on weekends!

Professional Development Classes for Fall 2014

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