Send a Letter to the CCISD School Board

Dear AFT Members and Friends,

Please click the link below and send a letter to our CCISD School Board. On June 8, 2015 , the School Board will consider approving a TEA pilot program that opens the door for tying teacher evaluations to high stakes testing. Let's send a strong message!  This link provides a fast and simple letter. Thanks for participating.

In Unity,

Ray McMurrey

CCAFT President


Pack the Board Room -- Teachers Are Not Guinea Pigs!

Click here to read President Ray McMurrey's call to action. Pack the CCISD Board Room at 3:30 pm, Monday, June 8. Stop CCISD from evaluating teachers based on high stakes testing....

CCAFT Weekly Update 5/20/15

Click here to read the 5/20/15 Weekly Update.

  1. District PD during summer not required
  2. Protect your paycheck--sign AFT petition now!
  3. CCISD sending contracts out today
  4. CCAFT file grievance over walk-through forms

CCISD Sending Out Contracts

Today, May 20, CCISD plans to send out contracts for 2015-16. To read more, click here.

CCAFT Walk-Through Grievance

Click here to read the grievance CCAFT has filed about walk-throughs.

CCISD Leadership at Work--Teacher Evaluations

Sould teacher evaluatio9ns be based on high-stakes testing? Two superintendents respond differently. Click here to see how our Superintendent Roland Hernandez sees it differently from Superintendent Mark Henry at Cypress-Fairbanks.