Duty-Free Lunch during STARR Testing

Click here to see Ray's memo about duty-free lunch during STARR testing.

New Officers and Executive Board Elected

Click here to see the list of the newly-elected officers and Executive Board for Corpus Christi AFT May 2015-April 2017. The top three current officers -- President Ray McMurrey, Vice-President Dr. Nancy Vera, and Secretary-Treasurer Steve Wheeler -- will continue in their positions. The Certified High School Representative position is open. Click here to see the whole slate.


Please click on this link to download and fill in the 2015 Lobby Day Form to reserve a place for you on the bus Monday, March 16. We travel to Austin Monday morning (March 16) and return that evening. You may invite guests, but there needs to be one form submitted for each guest.Other rules and information are on the form itself.

The form is fillable in Adobe, so when you download it you can

  • print it, fill it out in your handwriting and send it to us OR you can
  • fill it out on the screen, print it and send it to us OR you can
  • fill it out on the screen, save it, and email it as an attachment to ccaftmember@gmail.com

However you do it, there needs to be one form for each guest.

Download here.

Announcement of CCAFT Election of Officers and Executive Board Members

The Officer and Executive Board election will be held in April of 2015. Below are two documents to view. The first one is the announcement letter, which contains the timeline. The second one is the nomination form that needs to be filled out if you want to nominate someone (or yourself).

The most important deadline is February 25, 2015, for turning in the nomination forms. Please download the announcement letter to see the 10-item timeline.

Announcement Letter and Timeline
Nomination Form

Two more important document explain CCISD's policy governing the elction and the excerpt from CCAFT's Constitution governing the elction.

CCISD's Policy on CCAFT Election
Excerpt from CCAFT's Constitution


Click here to download the latest CCAFT Update 1-26-15


  1. Why "Not" to Surrender Your Planning Period
  2. CCAFT General Membership Meeting - Thursday 1/29/15
  3. CCAFT Internal Elections - Spring 2015

Results of Survey on Cell Phone Use in the Classroom

Click here to see the results of cell phone use in the classroom.