Dear Colleagues:

Congratulations! The Corpus Christi American Federation of Teachers (CCAFT) is elated to welcome you as our colleague for 2015 -2016 school year!

CCAFT are professionals like you who care about our students and about making a positive difference in their lives. 


CCISD Leadership at Work--Teacher Evaluations

Sould teacher evaluatio9ns be based on high-stakes testing? Two superintendents respond differently. Click here to see how our Superintendent Roland Hernandez sees it differently from Superintendent Mark Henry at Cypress-Fairbanks.

Jobs at Del Mar

One of our retirees who needed part-time work, found this job notice for Del Mar College. She says it is a great job.

The attached document gives you the Web address and information about the job teaching GED classes.

Duty-Free Lunch during STARR Testing

Click here to see Ray's memo about duty-free lunch during STARR testing.